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Social Skills
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Sparkle and Sass SLP
Extremely satisfied

There are so many scenarios and great real life pictures. I love that there are different activities. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in just asking what should you do in different situations. This resource makes the students think about how they may feel and how others may feel in given situations.

Liz Daley
So engaging and easy to use!

My students find this resource so engaging and it is so easy to use!

Yaminah Ali
This product worked great!

I needed a quick social skills activity and this product worked great! My kids love the pictures.

Speech Treat

Great resource to use when working on social skills with my students. Thanks!

Shannon Clarke
Really well liked

I used this resource to work on a variety of social skills with my students with autism. The students enjoyed, and did well with, the appropriate/inappropriate cards. The social scenario cards mostly worked well but I did find my students could not really relate to the examples in order to answer the last two questions. There were a nice variety of questions asked on the social scenario pictures which was good for my students. I did notice, however, that some of the pictures didn't really have any clues as to why the character would have a particular feeling. For my students, it made the question more challenging. Overall, the resources were really well liked though.

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